Exploring History

Always wondered what’s happening in the world of history? Interested on reading where historians and their theories have landed in the modern world? Or just simply intrigued on historical events and want to read more about them? Exploring History is just that. Exploring History is a place to read about interesting events, debates and discoveries that change the way we live. Enjoy! And be sure to post your own thoughts!

Disclaimer: Some issues discussed may not be suitable for all readers, reader discretion is advised. Some topics discussed may be controversial by nature and posts are simply one viewpoint of a complex event with many. Please be respectful.


The Year Without a Summer
Everything has a history and everything occurs for a reason. Read how a volcanic eruption in 1815 caused years of winter across the world.
66 Million Years Later and Still Not Done
How can one discovery change how we understand an event that occurred 66 million years ago? Read how a recent discovery altered our understanding about the day the dinosaurs died.

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