Ravina Ambwani is a photographer based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She was born in Mississauga and continues to live here with her parents and three sisters. Ravina is the third out of four daughters and grew up loving sports. She played hockey, softball, football and even curling throughout her time in high school. High school is also the place where Ravina began to study photography. During high school, Ravina began to grow more and more on photography and decided to attend Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts for a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography Studies. Studying arts and history at Ryerson, Ravina began to combine the two disciplines and produced numerous documentary series’ speaking to history. Her work looks at the history of the places and things she photographs. Her work doubles as educational pieces into the subjects she photographs. Ravina mainly shoots documentary photographs however she has also worked in studios for portraiture and still life photography.

During her final year at Ryerson University, she began to obtain a certificate in Strategic Marketing Management and became very interested in how to spread messages effectively. During her time in the photography program she was tasked with sending messages through photos but wanting to study this area further she decided to research how media and culture is changing the way the world communicates both personally and professionally. In Fall 2021 Ravina will be returning to Ryerson University to complete her Masters in Professional Communication.